Efficiency, ergonomics and the patient experience

Aquilion Premium, Aquilion ONE Family, Computed Tomography

With the Aquilion Premium CT system, ergonomics and patient access have evolved to an unprecedented degree with the availability of dual workstations and development of the eVolution couch and gantry. Offering greater comfort and convenience, they increase operator efficiency while improving patient comfort and compliance.

The eVolution Couch

  • Carbon fiber couch with a 2000 mm scan range and exclusive 8.4 cm lateral couch movement*
  • 660 lb weight capacity and 47 cm wide, the eVolution couch can be lowered to just 33 cm above the floor to easily accommodate all patients
  • Convenient front and optional rear table footswitches facilitate a more efficient workflow and greater patient safety

The eVolution Gantry

Aquilion Premium, Aquilion ONE Family, Computed Tomography

  • 72 kW generator coupled with rapid 350 ms rotation acquires data faster to reduce exam duration and improve temporal resolution
  • Controls positioned on the left and right, front and rear, significantly enhance operator efficiency
  • iStation display provides child-friendly exam instructions and gives operators feedback for breath hold, ECG waveforms and other inputs
  • Quantum V detector provides the ability to perform unique scan modes that include 8 cm dynamic volume imaging for perfusion and motion studies as well as Ultra-Helical scanning protocols

The Power of Two

Standard with the Aquilion Premium CT System, two independent workstations provide a unique data management solution. Sharing the same database, they allow technologists to simultaneously scan and process images to reduce the time required from data to diagnosis.

Aquilion Premium, Aquilion ONE Family, Computed Tomography