Imaging Technologies

Are you missing subtle structures? Better detail at greater depth.

Based on over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Aplio 300 overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound with Toshiba’s revolutionary High-Density Beamformer Architecture. Incorporating advanced signal processing capabilities and an array of unique imaging technologies, it quickly and consistently delivers images with exceptional resolution and detail that improve accuracy and increase confidence in clinical decision-making.

Aplio 300 Clinical Applications Jugular Valve

Next Generation Precision Imaging*

Precision Imaging enhances the definition of structures and sharpens borders to separate clinical information from clutter and noise for a more accurate representation of patient anatomy.

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Aplio 300 Clinical Applications Normal Right Ovary

Differential Tissue Harmonics

D-THI overcomes the limitations of conventional Tissue Harmonic imaging by providing improved visualization and definition of lesions, cysts and subtle tissue characteristics while scanning at increased depth and on difficult-toimage patients.

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Aplio 300 Clinical Applications Renal Perfusion

Advanced Dynamic Flow™ (ADF)*

Toshiba’s exclusive ADF feature employs sophisticated high-resolution, color-flow technology to display the smallest blood vessels and complex blood flow with amazing accuracy.

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Aplio 300 Clinical Applications Normal Thyroid


Providing an unparalleled level of image uniformity and detail in every mode, ApliPure+ real-time compounding combines the advantages of spatial and frequency compounding while preserving clinically significant markers.

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Aplio 500 Clinical Applications Tissue Enhancement

Tissue Enhancement

Dramatically improves image uniformity and endocardial border delineation, especially in difficult-to-image patients.

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Aplio 500 Clinical Applications 3D/4D Imaging

3D/4D Imaging

Aplio 300’s comprehensive 3D/4D volume imaging suite extends your diagnostic capabilities, delivering a degree of 3D detail and resolution unrivaled in the industry. The High-Density Volume Rendering Engine allows you to capture volume data sets at high-volume rates for shorter exam times and greater productivity.

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Aplio 500 Clinical Applications Elastography


Toshiba's comprehensive Elastography solution provides a visual representation (color mapping) of the elasticity of breast lesions following manual compressions.

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Aplio 500 Clinical Applications MicroPure


Toshiba's exclusive MicroPure technology improves visualization of microcalcifactions in breast tissue, a potential marker for malignancy. MicroPure highlights automatically the detected microcalcifications as white spots.

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*Optional on Aplio 300