Integrated Efficiency

Get acquainted faster. With a system customized just the way you want.

Toshiba takes ultrasound and makes it personal by letting you customize everything from keyboard entries to image enhancements. In order to satisfy personal preferences as well as facility requirements, Aplio 300 helps maintain standards and improve consistency from start to finish and patient to patient.

  • Lighter and with a smaller footprint, Aplio 300 glides into position and lets you get closer to patients easier than ever before
  • Even energy use is more efficient with a reduction of up to 23% in power requirements compared to similar ultrasound systems
  • Ergonomic transducers deliver superb image quality across clinical applications
  • A premium quality, high-resolution LCD has an articulating arm and handle for simple repositioning

Efficient and precise exams with iStyle™+ Productivity Suite.

Toshiba's unique and innovative iStyle+ productivity suite gives you a full range of workflow automation tools that bring ergonomic relief by minimizing keystrokes, reducing exam times, and raising the consistency of exams.

Aplio 300 iStyle

Reduce operator fatigue and exam times with the industry's most customizable user interface and touchscreen display. Virtually all keys can be reassigned to suit your personal preference and provide one-button access to major imaging modes and functions.

Aplio 300 iStyle

Automate workflow when performing complex ultrasound examinations with Quick Assist protocols. Featuring one-click operation, Quick Assist helps increase consistency and standardize exams from start to finish and patient to patient. This allows you to focus even more on what really matters — the image and patient.

Aplio 300 iStyle

Reduce exams times with the new Quick Start menu. The fully customizable Quick Start presets allow you to optimize image quality for a specific clinical target at a single touch of a button.

Aplio 300 iStyle

Achieve greater consistency in exams by optimizing image quality in all modes with the single push of a button using Quick Scan™ image optimization.