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Fly Thru Imaging

The industry's first Fly Thru* technology is a 3D volume rendering technique that allows you to soar through cavities, ducts and vessels from the inside and in 3D. Similar to virtual endoscopy, Fly Thru is a revolutionary tool for exploring lesions and masses and planning interventional procedures. This technology function is available both during or post exam.

Fly Thru displays structures similar to the way they would appear using a virtual endoscope.

Fly Thru navigates through a selected volume automatically with a single push of a button, or can be controlled manually.

Watch Dr. Edward Grant's presentation "Advanced Techniques in 3D Ultrasound: Fly Thru"

Advanced Transvaginal 3D/4D Imaging of the Uterine Cavity Paves the Way for Ultrasound Hysteroscopy

Advanced Techniques in 4D Ultrasound Fly Thru

Smart Fusion

Offers the best of both worlds

Smart Fusion* offers the best of both worlds by synchronizing ultrasound with CT or MR images for locating hard-to-find lesions and improving confidence during ultrasound-guided biopsies. Smart Fusion reads 3D DICOM data sets from CT or MR systems then, using position sensors located on the ultrasound transducer, displays the corresponding images, side-by-side with the live ultrasound image.

With its intuitive set-up, Smart Fusion is the easiest to use fusion on the market with a simple and quick two-step process.

Watch video testimonial on how Toshiba's Smart Fusion Technology is increasing Biopsy Confidence

Advances in Ultrasound — Smart Fusion Technology

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