The right diagnosis on all patients with industry-leading depth and detail

Biopsy Confidence Increased with Smart Fusion Technology

Efficient and precise exams

Biopsy confidence increased
with Smart Fusion.

"We’re saving patients from getting an open surgical biopsy, we’re able to do them accurately, safely and quickly"
Van Young, MD—Interventional Radiologist, St. Elizabeth Hospital
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PinnacleHeath Testimonial

Multi-purpose imaging with
industry-leading depth
and detail

The right diagnosis on all patients.
“To us the strengths of Toshiba Ultrasound is the ability to image small parts so well”
Cami Bingaman - Ultrasound Supervisor, PinnacleHealth
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Fly Thru & Smart Fusion Technology

Learn about the clinical applications of Fly Thru and Smart Fusion in ultrasound imaging.
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Fly Thru Technology in ultrasound imaging

Smart Fusion Technology in ultrasound imaging