Infinix-i Biplane Solutions

Infinix-i Biplane Solutions

Designed with Leading Clinicians for Expanding Imaging Needs

Combining the exceptional flexibity of our floor and ceiling mounted positioners, the biplane is a great choice for pediatric, vascular and neuro diagnostic and interventional imaging.

Exclusive 5-Axis C-Arm

The Infinix-i biplane platform is designed to take advantage of its revolutionary five-axis C-arm for better patient access. Unique lateral arm vertical adjustment quickly optimizes imaging angles for better clinical visualization. View video »

Infinix-i biplane: Exclusive 5-Axis C-Arm

Infinix-i biplane

Unparalleled Patient Access

The Infinix-i biplane platform provides unprecedented access to the patient and enhances the multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. With a wide range of specialists involved in Hybrid procedures, the system accommodates multiple clinicians and ancillary equipment to provide unsurpassed patient care.View Infinix-i's wide range of access »

Detector Size Choices

Infinix-i cardiovascular systems are available with different flat panel detectors sizes depending on your coverage needs.Learn more »

Infinix-i cardiovascular systems: Detector Size