Infinix | Customer Testimonials

Chris McClish, MD

Transradial Procedures & the Clinicians Ability to Work Right

Chris McClish, MD of Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital explains how the Infinix system is optimal for transradial procedures.

Daniel Sullivan, MD

Working Right With Emerging Procedures

Daniel Sullivan, MD of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital discusses the Infinix system's flexibility and ease of use.

Brij S. Maini, MD, FACC

Flexibility of the Infinix System with TAVR

Brij S. Maini, MD, FACC of the PinnacleHealth Cardiovascular Institute explains how the Infinix system is best suited for TAVR procedures.

Richard Smalling, MD

Greater Access for TAVR Procedures

Richard Smalling, MD of the University of Texas Medical School discusses the flexibility of the Infinix system, allowing greater access to the patient.

Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute

As part of its new Gates Vascular Institute in Buffalo, NY, Kaleida Health partnered with Toshiba to install 14 Infinix™ cardiovascular X-ray systems, which are used for all cardiovascular, neuro, vascular and electrophysiology (EP) procedures.

John Cheatham, MD

Better Patient Access

John Cheatham, MD of NCH explains how the five-axis C-arm provides unique patient access.

John Cheatham, MD

Hybrid Cath Table: A Cardiologist's Perspective

John Cheatham, MD of Nationwide Children's Hospital explains the advantages of Toshiba's Hybrid Cath Table from a cardiologist Perspective.

Mark Galantowicz, MD

Hybrid Cath Table: A Surgeon's Perspective

Mark Galantowicz, MD of Nationwide Children's Hospital explains the advantages of Toshiba's Hybrid Cath Table from a Surgeons Perspective.

John Cheatham, MD

Hybrid Design & Development Innovation

John Cheatham, MD of Nationwide Children's Hospital explains the process of developing the ideal Pediatric Hybrid Cardiac Operating Suite.

Colin Barker, MD

Why Perform Radial and the Infinix Advantage

Colin Barker, MD from Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, explains the benefits of the Toshiba Infinix when performing Transradial PCI.

Chris McClish, MD

Interventional Radial Techniques at Shannon West Texas Hospital

Helping you prepare for today's healthcare environment by improving outcomes, better patient experience, greater patient access in this new healthcare environment.

Mark Galantowicz, MD

Best Practices in Pediatric Interventions

Mark Galantowicz, MD of Nationwide Children's Hospital reveals Toshiba's philosophy in designing hybrid equipment for the pediatric market.

Andrew Gyorke, MD

GuideView Exceeds Expectations

Andrew Gyorke, MD explains how the roadmapping capabilities of the Toshiba equipment separates itself from the competition.

Tim Fischell, MD

Image Quality and Performance

Borgess Medical Center created a new Heart Institute to perform diagnostic, interventional and electrophysiology procedures. Hear Tim Fischell, MD, explain his needs for excellent image quality and high volume performance.

Brian Kott, MD

Roadmap and Accurate 3D Imaging

Learn why Brian Kott, MD, of St. Josephs Hospital, WA, selected the Infinix system for building his neurovascular lab and his criteria for interventional solutions.

L. Nelson Hopkins, MD

Ease of Use with Unique Features

L. Nelson Hopkins, MD, of Millard Fillmore Hospital, NY, shares the importance of having a flexible system for interventions and why he chose an Infinix system with its unique features.

Mark Galantowicz, MD

Success in Collaboration

Hear how the collaboration between Toshiba & Maquet provided Mark Galantowicz, MD of Nationwide Children's Hospital with the ideal hybrid suite.

Infinix | Clinical Presentations

J. Chris McClish, MD

Radial Cardiac Catheterization: A Community Hospital Experience

American College of Cardiology 2011 New Orleans, LA